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Travel today is all about selling the idea of escape, albeit to destinations of seemingly limitless beauty, vivid culture, relaxation or for an exciting adventure.

With high class hotels opening ever more frequently and the abundance of awe inspiring destinations around the globe, you would expect the standard set by tourist boards design to be higher than many other industries.

We take a look at the marketing efforts of various tourist boards (good and bad) to asses the current state of design in the travel industry.

What should we expect?

Not all tourist destinations are created equal, whether it be the budget or the destination itself. Therefore we are expecting to see a varying mix of quality and style, while trying to reflect the destination as much as posible – fingers crossed!


Official logo for Brazil Tourism

Brazil Tourism logo

Brazil is a country of colour and has a diverse culture. The design industry in Brazil is also very strong with a plethora of talented artists, illustrators and designers.

The logo is a mix of colour and shape with the shape elements looking like they are dancing with each other. The text remains strong, clear and pulls all the shapes together.

Could these shapes represent the varying landscapes within Brazil or the vibrant culture? either way its a good representation of a diverse country rich in culture.


The official logo, designed by FutureBrand is one of the most interesting in this article. At first glance it is a little difficult to read compared to the sans-serif logos commonly seen in tourist board logos. However on closer inspection (it took us a little time), you realise the twirls and curves represent one of the nations most famous landmarks – The Nazca Lines, specifically the tail of the monkey.

Due to it being a little hard to initially read makes us wonder if the ‘P’ should be in the same style as the rest of the logo then have Nazca shape as more of a graphical element. Either way it is certainly memorable and full of Latin Spirit.

Official logo for Peru Tourism

Peru Tourism logo


Official logo of Australia Tourism

Australia Tourism logo

A vast country of a wash with beautiful beaches, wildlife and fauna. From large urbanised cities to even larger deserts.

Australia’s official tourism logo is modern and friendly, the colours feel like a sunset in the outback. An obvious choice for the logo would be to include an iconic symbol of the nation – luckily they decided on the Kangaroo rather than the cast of Neighbours. Overall this represents Australia well, and certainly makes us want to visit.


One of the most beautiful countries in the Caribbean with over 3,000 islands, cays and inlets. The Caribbean as a whole, unfortunately does have a bad reputation when it comes to design, especially in the travel industry. Over-saturated images, and crudely thought out logo’s and brand names have been rife in the Caribbean for a long while (can I put a palm tree in there please?), so the pressure on the Bahamas to shake this image is great.

Duffy & Partners – a company from the USA, was brought in to bring a fresh western approach to their visual identity. Overall its a good effort, the shapes and colours feel modern and fresh and represents well the many islands of the Bahamas. With this logo setting the mark for other Caribbean countries to follow, we a keeping a close eye to see what other islands come up with to compete with this.

Bahamas Tourism logo

Bahamas Tourism logo


Official logo of Denmark Tourism

Denmark Tourism logo

Like most of Scandinavia the Danish design industry is strong, producing great photographers, graphic designers, furniture designers and interior designers.

The logo, a perfect example of Scandinavian minimalism – strong, bold and not overly complicated. The Danish flag has been formed into a heart to represent their passion and warmth of the people.


I don’t feel happy at all with the logo, yes it is nicely designed – there was obviously good talent used here. However it feels like I anticipated, dated, drab and a dull much like the weather. Perhaps its because I’m so used to seeing these colours all over Britain or perhaps its because I’m sitting on a roof top in Bangkok drinking a Mojito (something you can never do in Britain without getting wet), but most probably it’s me overly asserting the passion I have for design and my country.

We, especially I would like to see a logo that truly reflects our rich history, ever more diverse population and the buzz that Britain has around the world.

Official logo of Britain Tourism

Britain Tourism logo


Official logo of Egypt Tourisim

Egypt Tourism logo

Egypt’s golden age is represented well in this logo. An ankh has been used to replace the ‘t’ and unlike the Peru logo still reads well with the rest of the type merging together well. The blue colour used at first confused us, seeing as Egypt is very sandy, then we realised one great natural landmark that was so important for Egypts success – The great river Nile.

We love the logo’s modern interpretation of Egypt’s ancient past, it conjures the magic of the destination perfectly.


We have admired Japan for as long as we can remember. A diverse culture, rich history and very strong design industry.

Red and Black goes without saying as does the rising sun. The logo is exactly what you would expect from Japan – Simple and clear. We don’t really have too much to say about the logo, its nice, it does the job, its obviously Japan.

Official logo of Japan Tourism

Japan Tourism logo


We have to admit there is little we know in the studio about Romania aside from its geographical location, Roman past and the legend of Count Dracular. Therefore we won’t comment on how well the logo represents the country.

The rounded font is very playful and makes for a friendly logo. We particularly like the gradient colour scheme running through the type. However the leave doesn’t seem to follow the same style and feels out of place, removing it would make for a much nicer mark.

Official logo for Romania Tourism

Romania Tourism logo


Official logo of Singapore Tourism

Singapore Tourism logo

The logo for Singapore is one of our favourites in this article, it feels like a hi-tech version of Brazil logo mentioned above, which would make sense considering Singapore is full of blue-chip companies.

The multi-coloured squares represent the shape of Singapore and perhaps even each district. For such a modern country the logo matches the destination well.


Jamaica like all Caribbean countries as mentioned above is tarnished with a really bad image in terms of design, perhaps even being the main culpret.

Unlike the Bahamas however, who looked to modernise their image and create a mark that represents the country, Jamaica has created a logo that is really plain, pretty dull and in a colour that most Jamaicans would agree does not represent the country at all.

The tagline ‘Once you go, you know’ is equally puzzling. What will I know? Will I know it was a waste of a plane ticket? Leaving this much to the imagination is not a good idea, if a trip goes badly it will make ‘pun headlines’ too easy, turning the marketing efforts into a joke.

Would it not make sense to use a colour palette synonymous with Jamaica? Surely something better can be done?

Official logo of Jamaica Tourism

Jamaica Tourism logo

The Conclusion

There are many logos from tourist boards we haven’t covered here, some good, some bad and many appalling. In an industry that is so image driven it doesn’t make sense why that would not want to be reflected in their branding.

Understandably many of the countries either don’t have the budgets or the design know-how that many western countries have. However design should never be overlooked, and can be done well to suit most budgets, the problem then being how do you know you have picked the design company?

We have a strong history working alongside leading brands in the travel industry. If you would love to work with us on your travel project, please get in touch.

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